A life history of louis armstrong the musician

The soundtrack also eventually went double platinum back when soundtracks did that kind of thing.

A life history of louis armstrong the musician

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As a trumpet virtuoso, his playing, beginning with the s studio recordings made with his Hot Five and Hot Seven ensembles, charted a future for jazz in highly imaginative, emotionally charged improvisation. For this, he is revered by jazz fans. But Armstrong also became an enduring figure in popular music, due to his distinctively phrased bass singing and engaging personality, which were on display in a series of vocal recordings and film roles.

Armstrong had a difficult childhood. William Armstrong, his father, was a factory worker who abandoned the family soon after the boy's birth.

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Armstrong was brought up by his mother, Mary Albert Armstrong, and his maternal grandmother. He showed an early interest in music, and a junk dealer for whom he worked as a grade-school student helped him buy a cornet, which he taught himself to play.

He dropped out of school at 11 to join an informal group, but on December 31,he fired a gun during a New Year's Eve celebration, for which he was sent to reform school. He studied music there and played cornet and bugle in the school band, eventually becoming its leader. He was released on June 16,and did manual labor while trying to establish himself as a musician.

He moved to the Fate Marable band in the spring ofstaying with Marable until the fall of Armstrong moved to Chicago to join Oliver 's band in August and made his first recordings as a member of the group in the spring of He married Lillian Hardenthe pianist in the Oliver band, on February 5, She was the second of his four wives.

A life history of louis armstrong the musician

On her encouragement, he left Oliver and joined Fletcher Henderson 's band in New York, staying for a year and then going back to Chicago in November to join the Dreamland Syncopatorshis wife's group. During this period, he switched from cornet to trumpet. Armstrong had gained sufficient individual notice to make his recording debut as a leader on November 12, For live dates, he appeared with the orchestras led by Erskine Tate and Carroll Dickerson.

Armstrong did not function as a bandleader in the usual sense, but instead typically lent his name to established groups.

A life history of louis armstrong the musician

He took a position as star soloist in Carroll Dickerson 's band at the Savoy Ballroom in Chicago in Marchlater taking over as the band's frontman. He also began appearing in the orchestra of Hot Chocolates, a Broadway revue, given a featured spot singing "Ain't Misbehavin'.

He made his film debut in Ex-Flame, released at the end of He returned to Chicago in the spring of to front a band led by Zilner Randolph ; the group toured around the country.

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In July, Armstrong sailed to England for a tour. He spent the next several years in Europe, his American career maintained by a series of archival recordings, including the Top Ten hits "Sweethearts on Parade" August ; recorded December and "Body and Soul" October ; recorded October In August , the Airport's name was changed to the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport in honor of the famous native-born musician's th birthday.

Louis Daniel Armstrong (August 4, – July 6, ), nicknamed Satchmo, Satch, and Pops, was an American trumpeter, composer, vocalist and occasional actor who was one of the most influential figures in ashio-midori.com career spanned five decades, from the s to the s, and different eras in the history of jazz.

In , he was inducted into the Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame. It was in part this protest—and the hypocritical U.S. deployment of black performers abroad as representatives of rights they were denied at home—that inspired Dave Brubeck and his wife Iola to write a satirical jazz musical called The Real Ambassadors, featuring Louis Armstrong as a performer and main character of the drama (hear an .

Biographies of Jazz Musicians: This 42eXplore project page contains hundreds of biography sites for jazz singers and musicians, but you may also want to visit the main site - - Jazz Music also from eduScapes.

Selected Biography Sites Jazz Greats Digital Exhibits from The Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University Libraries. Louis Armstrong, the famous African-American jazz musician, angrily announces that he will not participate in a U.S.

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government-sponsored tour of the Soviet Union. Dec 12,  · Louis Armstrong, nicknamed "Satchmo," "Pops" and, later, "Ambassador Satch," was born in in New Orleans, Louisiana. An all-star virtuoso, he came to .

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