Albright americanism essay contest

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Albright americanism essay contest

The essay contest, open to all public and private school students on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, is named in honor of the late Herbert Albright in recognition Albright americanism essay contest his many contributions to local and civic organizations.

These decisions come up many times everyday, to cheat or to do what is right. Many people choose the path of righteousness. However, there are some people who choose to cheat.

Even though cheating holds its short term benefits the overall outcome will always lead to a loss of integrity and will end up costing more than what was gained in the action.

From sports stars that cheat to businessmen who lie, the outcome is as predictable as their actions are dishonorable. Once a role model and honorary coach, Bill Belichick has cost his team their draft choice and a large some of money.

It is clear that more was lost than gained in his attempt to gain an unfair advantage. Starting as a penny stock trader and working as a lifeguard, Bernard Madoff was the typical entrepreneur. However on December 11, it was found that his success was only superficial, when he stated that his investments were based on nothing more than a ponzi scheme.

He cost his investors over twelve billion dollars in what is now known to be the largest ponzi scheme in history. The judge sentenced Madoff to years in federal prison. At one point Madoff was considered a great businessman but now he will always be remembered as a con artist.

Everyone comes to this fork in the road, the way of lies and the way of honesty. To the ones who are honest anything is possible, and to the ones that cheat the outcome is always the same. In the case of Belichick and Madoff it is clear that cheating is not the answer, the benefits will never out weigh the consequences.

When faced with these decisions one must ask, how much is my integrity worth to me? This topic is an important one but the wording of the question reminds me of a false premise that it stems from: When we elevate athletes to role models whose profession is more than just competitive athletics, we inadvertently reinforce a false sense of being above the law.

Fans begin to believe that athletes are more than simply human, and, later, when an athlete fails as a role model, his personal decisions veer off course and end up magnified and distorted by the voyeuristic lens of media glare, reminding adoring fans that athletes are actually just — athletes.

His decision should rely solely on what fulfills his innate obligation. He has to be honest with himself. Only than will he be worthy of true inner happiness. Armstrong himself has now been implicated. This not only shows the manner in which cheating spreads, undermining the sport, but also how it fails to uphold a healthy, moral conscience derived from honesty.

Only than can an athlete — or, more accurately, a human being — genuinely choose the correct path.

Albright americanism essay contest

Cheating breeds resentment and discord, the antitheses to fans and even humans as a collective body. It violates the moral duty to be honest that our conscience should shed light upon.

Athletes can choose whether to compete or to cheat. When walking into a magazine shop or reading the news, how many times is the name of an athletic figure mentioned?

Presently, athletes are not only competitors, but cultural figures. Their every action is monitored admired and in some cases, disapproved of.

Motives for the WTC bombing:

The general public is looking up to these sports stars as role models. Ideally, a role model is someone who makes the right decisions and possesses an admirable personality and traits.

An example of these wrong decisions is cheating.Herbert Albright Americanism Essay Contest Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size Text Size Print This Page Send by Email Essay Contest winners present at the Celebration are, from left, Shanele Bobek, Nicole Korn, Daniel Tarkakovsky, Natalia DaSilva, and Cristina Taylor.

Americanism Essay Contest For Grades 7–12 FRA sponsors an annual essay contest to promote the spirit of Americanism and patriotism among our country’s youth. FRA's Americanism Essay Contest is open to all students, grades 7 through 12, including those who are home schooled.

Americanism Essay Contest For Grades 7–12 FRA sponsors an annual essay contest to promote the spirit of Americanism and patriotism among our country’s youth. FRA's Americanism Essay Contest is open to all students, grades 7 through 12, including those who are home schooled.

Scholarship title: The Yum! Andy Pearson Scholarship Program. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Yum! is committed to providing opportunities for education. The Yum! Andy Pearson Scholarship Program, named in honor of the founding Chairman, was created to support growth and development through individual scholarships.

DEPARTMENT OF ILLINOIS AMERICANISM ESSAY CONTEST DETACHMENT OF ILLINOIS Scan here to visit our website. The Essay Contest Subject and Title is: What National Monument Means The Most To Me? The American Legion - Department of Illinois, American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion are co-sponsors of this AMERICANISM.

Americanism Essay Contest. A program of the Elks' Grand Lodge Fraternal Committee, this contest is geared towards students in 5th through 8th grades to promote patriotism among young people.

Click here to Download Application Packet "What Makes You Proud of America?" Use this as the core theme of your essay.

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