Bachelor thesis behavioral finance

Between and Dietmar worked in the wealth management department and then as a proprietary trader for Fixed Income Derivatives in the treasury department of Savings and Commercial Bank of Cologne, Germany. He earned his PhD from University of Kassel in with a thesis on systematic strategies and financial market instabilities. Since he has given numerous lectures on macrosociology and sociocybernetics.

Bachelor thesis behavioral finance

Alternative Asset Pricing Models 4.

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Fama-French and Carhart 5. Influence of Psychology on Risk and Return 5. The chance to lose is underestimated by most people. Two centuries later the behavioural economist Daniel Kahneman confirmed the notion that in situations with uncertainty people are inclined to biased decision-making.

Actual tests of the CAPM on stock data confirmed that the market premium as a single factor may be insufficient to explain stock returns completely. These models were in some respects more accurate than the CAPM in predicting future returns; however, it remained unclear why these factors actually matter.

So why may investors act irrationally? Do these effects arise from investors whose emotions, biases or believes affect their decision-making process?

What additional factors should we add to our model to explain risk and return in real-life? This paper will analyze the current research about the affect heuristic, biases and emotions and explore the explanatory power of these effects on future stock returns.

As John Nash Bachelor thesis behavioral finance it: Although behavioural finance provides explanations why people make biased decisions in situations involving uncertainty, this qualitative knowledge is difficult to incorporate in models.

Section 2 will depict the current Bachelor thesis behavioral finance of research in regard to the validity of the CAPM by evaluating the evidence of anomalies.

In section 3 several alternative models will be evaluated. Section 4 will present reasons why these anomalies exist in light of the behavioural finance view. In section 5 I will discuss both approaches and conclude in section 6 with my opinion and recommendations for further research.

It built the foundation of modern finance assuming risk-free borrowing and lending as well as rational decision-making. If the CAPM holds true, the systematic risk, i.

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A beta of one would imply that the stock moves one-to-one with the market portfolio, while a beta of two would imply that the stock moves twice as much as the market portfolio. However, if the beta is zero, the stock is not correlated at all to the market portfolio and stock returns will follow a random walk.

Bachelor thesis behavioral finance

Furthermore, if the CAPM shows to be valid, we expect i the intercept to be equals zero, and ii the market premium to be positive.

Now let us have a look at the origins of the theories of efficient markets and perfect rationality. Her fixed preferences and perfect information set enables her to react immediately to changes in the environment.

In finance, she would want to own traditional mean-variance efficient portfolios to maximize stock return, while minimizing volatility, following the Efficient Market Hypothesis EMH developed by Fama in the early s. Since markets are efficient, stock prices should reflect all available information immediately.

The efficient market hypothesis was shown valid by researchers asserting that prices do follow a random walk, while incorporating all available information instantly Samuelson, Furthermore, Fama and Sharpe among others have shown statistically significant results that not only depict a positive relationship between beta and the market premium, but also exhibit a strong internal consistency between the EMH and the CAPM.

Random Walk of Asset Prices The random walk theory states that asset prices behave in an unpredictable way making arbitrage impossible. Malkiel argued that it is impossible to achieve consistent portfolio returns in excess of the market return7 by simulating a simple but clever game.

While heads would move the stock price a half point higher, tails would move the stock price a half point lower. The evolving trend after a year was then analyzed by professional chartists making the recommendation to buy the stock because there was a recent up movement8.

After the chartists were told that the chance of movements was Malkiel argued that the market and the movement of stock prices could just be as random as flipping a coin, and neither arbitrage nor excess returns are possible because of a random walk and efficient markets.

Evidence of CAPM Anomalies Over time large numbers of researchers attempted to validate the traditional one- factor model and its assumptions. Fischer Black was among the first to question the assumption of risk-free borrowing and lending. Scholes and Black showed that low beta stocks may actually achieve higher returns than the CAPM would predict.Apr 15,  · The best tip is to write down keywords and concepts regarding finance that might interest you.

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From Capital Market Efficiency to Behavioral Finance - Markus Bruetsch - Essay - Business economics - Banking, Stock Exchanges, Insurance, Accounting - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay. Education & qualifications: Dietmar holds a Diploma in Finance from the University of Applied Sciences Cologne and a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance from the ICMA Centre, Henley Business School, University of earned his PhD from University of Kassel in with a thesis on systematic strategies and financial market instabilities.

Any documentation on Behavioral finance or behavioral economics could inspire the service design for this thesis question. If there are any relevant topics that may be interesting in helping people better understand their behavior any prevent making poor investment decisions due to irrational behavior.

CAPM vs Behavioral Finance - Risk and return: Does behavioral finance provide better explanations than the CAPM? - Alexander Simon - Bachelor Thesis - Economics - Finance - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay.

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