Brandon sanderson writing advice articles

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Brandon sanderson writing advice articles

One thing I hear from Fantasy Writers all the time is: This is usually followed by: For you people… I have a solution. The reason I have called it this is because it was Brandon Sanderson who gave me the idea. Work out your typing speed.

Working out your typing speed is very, very important. Not just as a writer either… It is pretty standard these days to have on application forms for professional jobs a field for typing speed.

You need to go here: I now presume you have done your typing test. The following is a rough guideline: I want you to take and divide it by the amount of words you can write in one minute.

I hear you shout, he has written tons of books and they seem to be appearing on our shelves pretty damned regularly!?!?!? Regularity is the key word here. Brandon told me that what he does is write words every single day without fail.

brandon sanderson writing advice articles

In my case, I write at just over 60 words per minute. That means I could write words in 8 minutes and 20 seconds.

Here is my reasoning that this method will take you less than 20 minutes a day: Well, the average novel is abouttowords in the fantasy genre. What I am going to suggest to you as first time novelists is that you aim to writewords for your novel.

You may go over… but… having spoken to a whole bunch of writers during my time at Fantasy-Faction I have come to the conclusion that you are going to need to cut a HUGE amount of words from your first draft.

This is because you will want to push the pace up and get rid of boring pieces of your work. Make that pledge and do it now. Are you serious about this?

You have an answer now… a means to accomplish what you have probably considered a dream of yours for a long time. Most fantasy-faction users will have a typing speed of around 60 words per minute I would imagine.

You can start this method anytime you like.

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But, I am going to invite you all to use Fantasy-Faction as a log of your process. I am going to suggest starting as a community on 1st August Search results for: Brandon sanderson writing advice articles.

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Editor, You’ve arrived home from work and as you sort through the day’s mail you see there’s a note from your ex-wife asking for payment for Tommy’s new baseball uniforms and asking you to pick up some new clothes and toiletry items for Susie when she comes to stay with you next weekend.

Like most writer's little helper books has a ton of fluff and worse yet an equal amount of typos and some pretty sketchy helpers. I haven't read anything by these cats, which isn't necessarily a bad thing (Youtube a Brandon Sanderson teaching session) but it is bad when they seem to talk down to the reader.

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The Brandon Sanderson Method The foolproof method to write your first novel this year. If you follow the advice within this article you will write a novel this year. Subterranean Press is widely considered to be among the finest specialty publishers in the horror, suspense, fantasy and dark mystery genres.

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