Business plan for large scale farming ghana

Challenges Facing the Microfinance Sector Generally, since the beginning of government involvement in microfinance in the s, the sub-sector has operated without specific policy guidelines and goals. This partially accounts for the slow growth of the sub-sector, and the apparent lack of direction, fragmentation and lack of coordination. There has so far not been a coherent approach to dealing with the constraints facing the sub-sector. Among the constraints are inappropriate institutional arrangements, poor regulatory environment, inadequate capacities, lack of coordination and collaboration, poor institutional linkages, no specific set of criteria developed to categorize beneficiaries, channeling of funds by MDAs, lack of linkages between formal and informal financial institutions, inadequate skills and professionalism, and inadequate capital.

Business plan for large scale farming ghana

Share 24 Shares Soybeans is one of the cheapest source of protein and is very essential for nourishment of both adults and children.

business plan for large scale farming ghana

A Flourishing Soyabean Farm In Nigeria Soybeans is a legume that has been in use centuries ago and recently gained entry into the Nigeria and West Africa farming circle.

These meals and oils are very essential for child and adult health alike. It is everywhere in the market and sells in millions. Benefits Of Soybeans Farming Apart from human consumption, soybeans is used for the production of nutritious animal feeds of different kinds in the market.

Approximately 98 percent of the soybean meal that is crushed is further processed into animal feed with the balance used to make soy flour and proteins. Of the oil fraction, 95 percent is consumed as edible oil; the rest is used for industrial products such as fatty acids, soaps and biodiesel.

Why is soybeans so useful? Soybeans is one of the few plants that provides a complete protein as it contains all eight amino acids essential for human health. Soybeans contains the highest amount of protein that can be found in any legume or grain.

Soybeans also contains decent amount of carbohydrates, fat, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. It is equally used for treatment of many chronic diseases. Soybeans is indeed the powerhouse of goodies and cultivating it means cultivating good food and powerful medication for human and animals.

Soybeans is one of the product you can export and make dollars but unfortunately, Nigeria is not yet exporting this valuable product despite being the highest producer of this crop in Africa. The reason is because we are not yet producing enough. Even if you decide to sell locally, there is huge market for it in Nigeria too.

Many products in the market are being made with soybeans such as soya milk and soya vegetable oil. Price of soybeans in Nigeria per metric tonne is about N, If you produce 20 metric tonnes in a season, you will be making N2, You can produce 20 metric tonnes of soybeans in Nigeria with N, That means in a season you will be making N1.

So, how do you get started with soybeans farming? How To Plant Soybeans Choose the right veriety of soybeans seed for your planting if you wants a good harvest. Soybeans does very well in most part of Nigeria. However, the growth of this product is still influenced by soil characteristics and climate conditions.

But short duration varieties also thrive in the much drier parts of the North when sown early and with an even distribution of rainfall throughout the growing period. Having these in mind, you proceed to choose your farm location. The seedbed may be prepared manually with a hoe or animal-drawn implement or tractor Well-prepared land ensures good germination and reduces weed infestation.

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You can plant on ridges or on a flat seedbed. There is an ebook to guide you through the process of soybeans cultivation in Nigeria and the appropriate climate and conditions as well as the best practices. To get this ebook, follow the guideline below.

Comment under this article to indicate your interest in getting the ebook.Large scale commercial production Ghana continues to import rice annually.

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In , rice imports amounted to US$million in addition to an annual production of about , metric tonnes. Locally, rice is mostly produced by small scale farmers. Goat Farming Sheep Fish Farming Piggery (note, I don’t take pork though, haha) Snail Farming.

3. Agro-products exportation. Ghana is blessed with a lot of food and natural resources; and most of these natural resources are raw materials needed for the production of some finished products. About Olam Cocoa. As a global supply chain manager with a deep presence in the origins and marketing presence in major consuming markets, Olam Cocoa has developed strong customer relationships by providing value-added solutions, such as traceability, vendor-managed inventory solutions and certified and sustainable cocoa products.

Land grabbing is the contentious issue of large-scale land acquisitions: the buying or leasing of large pieces of land by domestic and transnational companies, governments, and used broadly throughout history, land grabbing as used in the 21st century primarily refers to large-scale land acquisitions following the world .

A fish farm or fish based business could easily generate a good amount of money. Even if you are not a traditional fish farmer, you could easily make a steady income from your home, using aquaculture fish farming techniques.

business plan for large scale farming ghana

Fish is increasingly becoming popular as a source of protein, and it could easily feed a small family with very little cost or . The National Liberation Council (NLC) led the Ghanaian government from 24 February to 1 October The body emerged from a violent coup d'état (Ghana's first) against the civilian government led by Kwame Ghana Police Service and Ghana Armed Forces carried out the coup jointly, with collaboration from the Ghana .

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