Coursework assessment book cspe

It presents the findings of an evaluation of the quality of teaching and learning in Civic, Social and Political Education CSPE and makes recommendations for the further development of the teaching of this subject in the school. The evaluation was conducted over two days during which the inspector visited classrooms and observed teaching and learning. Following the evaluation visit, the inspector provided oral feedback on the outcomes of the evaluation to the principal and subject teachers.

Coursework assessment book cspe

Copies of these circulars are available on the SEC website, www.

Junior Cycle - Civic, Social and Political Education | PDST

Should candidates wish to have practice at writing up the pro-forma answer books before the deadline for submission, they are asked to do so on photocopied versions of the pro-forma answer books. The State Examinations Commission will not send out duplicate copies to facilitate practice attempts at filling out the pro-forma answer books.

Pro-forma answer books should be completed by 15th April Candidates are requested not to submit additional material with the pro-forma books. Such additional material will not attract additional marks. Teachers should monitor the progress of the candidates' work on a regular basis.

Candidates may undertake Action Projects as a group. Please note, however, that the writing up of the pro-forma answer book must be the candidate's individual work.

Any incidence of suspected copying, improper assistance from another party, plagiarism, or procurement of pieces prepared by another party will be thoroughly investigated. Candidates should be advised of the penalties that may be applied under the Rules and Programme for Secondary Schools.

Under these penalties candidates may lose the subject, lose the entire examination in all subjects, or be debarred from the Certificate Examinations in future years.

Please note that in keeping with all other examinations that have components completed outside the formal written examination, bonus marks will not be awarded to RAPs or CWABs completed in Irish. The distribution of the marks for the three sections in the written paper will adhere closely to the distribution in previous years' examination papers.

Coursework assessment book cspe

The format, layout and choice of questions in the written paper will be the same as in previous years. The examination will continue to be conducted at a common level and to consist of two parts: A RAP submitted as an audio report, a video report or digital report should be between 4 and 6 minutes in length.

You are requested to bring this circular to the notice of the teachers and students concerned. This circular is also available on the website www.CSPE: Assessment and Action Projects CSPE • If a Coursework Assessment Book is chosen, a student must have undertaken two different Action Projects, these are then used in answering certain questions that are contained in the book.

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CSPE: Assessment and Action Projects. Subject Inspection – CSPE.

Coursework assessment book cspe

compile a coursework assessment book (CWAB). There are merits in both of these but it is important that the department discuss the merits and demerits of these assessment modes.

Subject Inspection Report CSPE

If varied practice in the coursework assessment component of the subject. INTRODUCTION This publication is a revised edition of Examples of Good revised edition incorporates the changes introduced into the examination in Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE).

ACTION PROJECT (RAP)/COURSE WORK ASSESSMENT BOOK (CWAB) State Examinations Commission (SEC) in relation to the assessment of practical coursework in the certificate examinations.

Copies of these circulars are available on the SEC website, of CSPE should have an action component. CSPE is concerned with you being active citizens and it is through _____ Action • If a Coursework Assessment Book is chosen, a student must have undertaken two different Action Projects, CSPE: Assessment and Action Projects.

CWAB (Coursework Assessment Book) • It may be useful to complete a rough draft of this report writing before filling in the booklet for the Junior Cert CSPE exam action project 1 Internet Safety Survey Organise a survey in your school on awareness of internet safety in your school.

Step 1: Agree the Action.

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