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Be sure to explain your reasoning and the law s from which you derived your decisions. Be sure to include a reference list citing any sources that you use in your decision making process.


All sources should be cited using the APA format. Essay Study 1 Gladys and Sam married. When they bought a house, Sam's father signed the mortgage note with them, and made the monthly house payments. Several years later, Gladys moved out of the house and Sam's father stopped making the monthly payments.

Shirley moved into the house with Sam, but they did not make any payments on the house mortgage. The mortgage company told Gladys to make the payments. Gladys took a business law course many years before and remembers the terms third-party beneficiary, and novation. Can either of these principles help her?

Case Study 2 Stanley and Garcia were both minors. Two weeks later, Garcia decided she wanted the collection back. Discuss the rights of all the parties. Use Microsoft Word to create page essay that responds to the following. Why do you think Internet fraud has resulted in many new business laws and regulations?

Do you feel that there are differences in face-to-face business law, than there are in Internet business law? Why or why not? How would it affect a business in being aware of Internet fraud and the laws and regulations surrounding these business forms?


Compare the statistics reported here from to the statistics from How do they compare? Discuss why you feel there is such a difference. How have the Internet scams changed over the years? Do you see a trend in any area of Internet fraud?

What would you suggest to assist with these problems? How might business laws, which are already in place, play a role in controlling fraud on the Internet?

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From smart phones to tablet computers, to the hundreds of channels and thousands of on-demand video offerings on TV, consumers have never had more options for how to spend their time. The National Check Fraud Center, a private organization, provides nationwide, updated multi-source information and intelligence to support local law enforcement, federal agencies, financial and retail communities in the detection, investigation, and the prosecution of known check fraud .

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The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the recognized authority in fraud examination, defines occupational fraud as "the use of one's occupation for personal enrichment through the deliberate misuse or misapplication of the employing organization's resources or assets."/5(8).

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