Exchange essay essay

The cause of this was the fact that they have become an essential part of crops. Previously crops like potatoes were only were cultivated out of the South America borders.

Exchange essay essay

Of course at the end of the program the students are always asked to write about their experiences and what they have learned within an exchange student essay. So how do you go about writing your exchange student essay and what should you include.

Is the essay just about your experiences or is it also about how your exchange partner found life when they visited you? Often you will need to review both sides of the exchange as a comparative type of essay. Outlining Your Exchange Student Essay All essays are typically broken down into three main sections; introduction, main body and conclusion.

Your introduction should introduce the country, region and town with which the exchange program worked.

It should also give some background with regards to the individual student with whom you were paired for the exchange program and for their family.

The main body is where you will compare and contrast what your experiences were within their country compared to your own. You should look at family life, social life and of course school life as you will almost certainly have been involved in being educated during the exchange.

You will need to explain to the reader how you found things such as school, were the hours different, was the teaching style different, how did the atmosphere feel, where the students more or less attentive.

Exchange essay essay

Look for the things that really stood out as different or surprisingly similar. Aim to write 3 to 5 paragraphs; each paragraph concentrating on one area such as the school day. The conclusion then should be the section within which you will be able to summarize the main differences or similarities and add your personal comments and feelings.

Exchange essay essay

You should tell the reader if you felt this was a worthwhile experience and how it has altered your opinions about this culture and other cultures in general. Through our system they will get from you the information needed to write a thorough analysis of your experience within the exchange program.

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