Ford motor analysis

Ford is an amazing story of revival.

Ford motor analysis

Motor Trend Staff April 27, "It's so quiet," I blurted out, unprompted, as we sat at a stoplight. If there's anything we know about trucks and diesels, after all, it's that they can be pretty noisy.

Ford motor analysis

Not this new Ford F Power Stroke diesel, though. That's right, I said F diesel. After years of listening to truck buyers begging and watching to see how things worked out for the trendsetters over at RamFord has taken the plunge and installed a diesel engine in its light-duty full-size truck.

Although it makes similar power— hp and lb-ft—it's not the same engine at all.


For a full rundown of the truck-duty enhancements, give Frank Markus' excellent engineering deep-dive a read. In the portly 5,pound Land Rover Discovery Td6, with a different transmission and rear axle, this engine is good for a sprint in an unremarkable 8.

Ford says the F diesel in four-door SuperCrew configuration could weigh as much as pound less than the Disco, and Ford's new speed automatic is very, very good at surfing the engine's torque peak, so a low 8-second run up to 60 mph seems reasonable.

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That would make it a half second slower to 60 mph than the standard 3. We'll have a full First Test for you soon.

Ford motor analysis

Eight seconds isn't blazing fast, but for a truck it feels quick enough. As you'd expect, there's a ton of bottom-end torque to get you off the line and make moves on the go. There's a spot of turbo lag leaving a stop if you stand on the throttle, but avoid jackrabbit starts, and you won't really notice it.

At highway speeds, it picks up and goes nicely, though not like the twin-turbo gas V-6 engines Ford also offers. Off-road, where speeds are low, all that torque, multiplied by the transfer case and optional locking rear differential, makes crawling and climbing hills a breeze.

Just as it is for tight parking spaces, the optional degree camera system is a godsend in rough terrain, allowing you to peer over the crest of a hill and see low obstacles you want to maneuver around.In the portly 5,pound Land Rover Discovery Td6, with a different transmission and rear axle, this engine is good for a sprint in an unremarkable seconds.

Ford says the F diesel in. Ford Investors Face a Major Intersection. Chinese tariffs are threatening momentum, but at home, pickup sales have bolstered Ford's dividend.

SWOT Analysis of Ford Motors (Complete, current and detailed)

Ford Motor Company designs, manufactures, markets, and services a range of Ford cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles, and electrified vehicles; and Lincoln luxury vehicles worldwide. Find out the latest news headlines for Ford Motor Company (F).

Here's the SWOT analysis of Ford Motor Company which is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world & also provides financial services.

Ford spends a lot of R&D and is committed to making and improving the performance of its vehicles which includes fuel efficiency, safety, customer satisfaction.

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10(1); September 80 Employees Management Analysis at Ford Motor Company.

SWOT Analysis of Ford Motor Company