Psy201 week 9 social psychology paper

Assumptions of a Biopsychology Approach Explore the major underlying assumptions of a biopsychology approach. The prefix bio- stands for biological. Psychology is the scientific study of behavior Pinel, Together as biopsychology, it means the biological study of behavior.

Psy201 week 9 social psychology paper

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Her family lives in a more affluent part of town and she has been known to have very nice things. She has always been a rule-follower and did everything that her parents told her to do.

She gets good grades and takes mostly honors classes. Since the school-year just started, she has made some new friends in some of her classes.


She was excited to have new people to spend time with and was looking forward to their first night going out together. Sarahs parents have strict rules regarding her curfew and she had never broken them before. When it came time for Sarah to go home, her new friends asked her to stay out with them because they were going to go to a party.

Sarah had never been to a party before and really wanted her new friends to keep inviting her out. Her friends kept telling her how much fun the party was going to be and how she would be missing out if she didnt go, so she decided to go.

Psy201 week 9 social psychology paper

When they arrived at the party, Sarah began to realize how popular her new friends were, as they seemed to know everyone there. While she knew that she should be at home, obeying her curfew and was worried that she was going to get caught, she was still having fun at the party and felt happy that she went.

Sarah began talking to a guy named Jack. Jack was a junior at her school. They found that they liked the same music and had some of the same hobbies. Jacks family lives in the same neighborhood as Sarah as well. Jack told Sarah that he thought that she was beautiful and asked her on a date for the following week.

Jack left the party soon after that and Sarah went back to talk to her friends.


Everyone was having a good time when they heard two guys arguing in the front of the house. Most of the people at the party ran outside to see why the boys were yelling at each other. The yelling quickly turned into a physical fight. Because of the fight, many people decided to leave. Sarah and her friends left the party and went home.

Sarah got home and looked back on her experience throughout the night and thought about if it was worth it or not. Copyright by University of Phoenix.

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Social Psychology Paper Scenario. Write a to 1,word paper using the Social Psychology Paper Scenario in which you answer the following questions: What factors contributed towards Sarahs attitude regarding her curfew and how did these factors contribute?

In what ways did Sarah display cognitive dissonance? In what situations did Sarah conform to her peers beliefs, and how? What are some possible reasons that Sarah did this? What are some possible reasons that Jack was interested in Sarah and how do these relate to the factors of attraction?

What type of social interaction was displayed through the fight at the party? How did this social interaction affect others at the party?

How was Sarahs behavior influenced by others throughout the night? Submit your work as a Microsoft Word attachment to the assignment tab. Additional Resources from the Center for Writing Excellence: Grammar Mechanics Writing Style In case you need assignment,homework or research help kindly go to 1.

Place an order Here: Enter the assignment details such as the type of assignment, number of pages and the academic level of the paper.You can rewrite this paper up to two times to give you more practice in reading and summarizing an article. You will receive the highest grade of all the drafts.

Social Psychology Demonstration (60 points): In pairs, you will investigate a social psychological phenomenon in the real world. week 9 Videos by Request This module is all about you and is about extending our foundational knowledge in the field of psychology so you can discover and describe to others more of what's interesting to you.

A paper is penalized 10 percentage point for every day it is late (papers submitted after pm of the due date are already considered late papers).


No late work will be accepted one week after its due date! Culture and Mental Health syllabus 4 of 9 Class Schedule and Readings Week 1 (Thurs. Jan 17): “C ulture ” in psychology and the social sciences (Cross-cultural versus.

Psy201 week 9 social psychology paper

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Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 37 (9).

Into The Depths of The Human Mind: Theoretical Perspectives: Dispositional Theories