Puma positioning

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Puma positioning

GRI Index Global Economy The global economy emerged from the worst of the economic downturn during the course of The expansion of the global economy was weak overall inbut began accelerating slightly from the middle of the year.

This is again slightly below the level of the previous year, which was already weak, and corresponds to the lowest growth since the crisis year The emerging markets economies have recently seen an overall stronger performance, but major problems remain in some countries.

The Sporting Goods Industry The global sporting goods industry recorded solid growth in The main growth drivers were the increase in consumer spending due to higher incomes and the worldwide increase in participation in sports.

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The trend towards more and more women being active in sports contributed to this positive performance. In addition, the global sports fashion trend continued. With regard to sales channels, the eCommerce business continued to record the highest growth rates. However, volatile currency movements, and, in particular, the strong US dollar, which made products more expensive, had a dampening effect on the profitability of some companies in the sporting goods sector.

Illustration of Sales Development in Compared to Outlook In the Annual Report, we forecast a currency-adjusted increase in consolidated sales at a high single-digit rate for the financial year This was confirmed during the year and was even slightly exceeded for the full year More details on sales development are provided below.

Consolidated Sales PUMA increased consolidated sales in the financial year in euro, the reporting currency, by 7. Currency-adjusted sales increased by This result even slightly exceeds the forecast of currency-adjusted sales growth at a high single-digit rate.

All regions and product segments contributed to this positive performance. Sales in euro, the reporting currency, rose by 8. The currency-adjusted sales increase was In the reporting currency, the euro, sales in the apparel segment rose by 7.

The currency-adjusted sales increase was 9.

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All product categories contributed to this positive performance. The largest increases were achieved in the Sportstyle category, especially with products for women.James Davis’ goal is to move up in the sportswear market.

German newspaper ‘Die Welt’ explains that the New Balance CEO is looking to boost the company’s position past Puma to take place as the world’s third largest sports equipment supplier in , mainly though football and its Warrior brand.

Programming Environment and a new positioning control for the PUMA robot necessary to perform an analysis of stability over a new controller for the PUMA robot (Programmable Universal. PHILOSOPHY: “The Puma brand has a unique positioning,” says Vittorio Verdun, Luxottica vice president of marketing.

“While Puma is heavily influenced by the world of sports, the name carries a strong fashion and lifestyle image as well. The Aérospatiale SA Puma is a four-bladed, twin-engined medium transport/utility helicopter.

The Puma was originally built by Sud Aviation of France, and continued to be made by Aérospatiale. The PUMA series turning centers are without a doubt the most powerful machines in their class.

High metal removal rates, along with rapid positioning and fast bi-directional turret indexing, guarantee unmatched cycle times when real cutting is essential.

Puma positioning

CNC multi-axis turning, milling, grinding, and sawing equipment. Turning capacity from Ø" to Ø". Milling capacity up to mm x mm x mm.

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