Russia the state of alcoholism essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? A Major Problem in Russia Alcoholism is one of the leading social causes of mortality in the world today.

Russia the state of alcoholism essay

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Most of the time this situation would seem to have a negative effect on all the people surrounded by this problem.

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Sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise depending on how it is looked at. It makes a person wonder why someone would want to stay in a state of depression, put his health at risk, and take the chance of losing his job or family.

No one in his right mind would wish this kind of a life for anyone, but that is what alcoholism can do to a person. Alcohol can have a strong effect on anyone who may be in a state of depression.

The alcoholic may drink in order to help try and alleviate this state of depression, when, in fact, it only gets worse due to a chemical imbalance in the body.

Some people say they drink to run away from their problems, but alcohol only inflates them.

Russia the state of alcoholism essay

What the alcoholic really needs is proper counseling and medication. The only chance anyone has to recover from the depression inflated by alcoholism is to completely abstain from the use of any type of depressant. This advice is much easier said than done. The person with the addiction to alcohol has to want to get help; otherwise, regardless of how much help everyone concerned wants to give, it will not be effective.

This usually occurs in the middle to late stages of an extended abuse of alcohol. At this point, the alcoholic loses the ability to make clear judgments regarding the need for the basic necessities of life. Tardiness or accidents in the work place can have a devastating effect when they put a person's source of income at risk, not only for the alcoholic, but also for the family he is supporting.

When alcohol becomes more important than a person's family, it is an extremely serious problem. At this stage family members can begin to resent the alcoholic instead of support him. Alcoholism also affects a person internally, not just the world around him.

The human body can only go for so long before it will start to show signs of damage because of the over absorption of such a poison. Liver damage, a decrease in the immunity system, and an increase in premature aging are all long- term effects.

After years of alcohol abuse, the alcoholic will begin to notice a deterioration in his well being. Depending on the severity of the abuse, these negative effects may happen sooner to some people than to others.

Causes of alcoholism

Being exposed to the long- term effects of alcohol abuse on another person can be a frightening experience. It is even more difficult to understand when that person is a parent. It can be a blessing in disguise for a young person to see the mistakes that someone else has made, so that he doesn't follow the same pattern.Human Rights in Russia and the Former Soviet Republics Introduction by Arianna Nowakowski important component of democracy, the current state of civil society in Russia is also addressed, such as alcoholism, smoking, HIV/AIDS, and a number of preventable diseases are viewed in light.

State statistics show that today, 38% of Russians between the ages of 20 and 39 suffer from alcoholism — between the ages of 40 and 59, that number jumps to 55%. Alcohol poisoning kills an average of 30, people in Russia each year, twice the number of Soviets who died during the year war with Afghanistan in the '80s.

But in malice of all these facts we should state, that Russia is traveling in front.

Russia the state of alcoholism essay

This can be proved, for illustration, by the attitude to our state in the universe, by the first democratic elections of the President of Russia. Alcoholism In Russia ; Emerging Markets in Russia ; Hey! So you need an essay done? We have something that. Alcoholism in Russia has been palpable for centuries around times of hardship or social change, such as the Tsarist period, the Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union days (Fedun).

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Other acute conditions associated with alcoholism are those that occur in the postintoxication state—the alcohol-withdrawal syndromes. The most common and least debilitating of these syndromes is the hangover—a general malaise typically accompanied by headache and nausea.

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