Term papers of cardinal principle of internal control

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Term papers of cardinal principle of internal control

Every business requires some type of system of control measures as a means to protect assets and ensure that accounting records are reliable. Internal controls are usually prevention or detection oriented. Preventive controls seek to prevent the possibility of a loss, while detective controls are designed as a mechanism to detect suspicious activity.

A successful fraud affects the stability of any business, but risk of financial failure due to fraud is generally higher for the small business owner. Security The first principle of internal control every business owner needs to address is physical protection and safety of personnel and assets.

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This begins with basic security measures, such as fencing, lighting, door locks and video surveillance. Interior spaces need to be designed to provide security and segregation from common areas. These would include accounting departments, warehouses and receiving areas and areas where cash is stored and prepared for deposit.

Any business requires these fundamental improvements to be in place as an initial system of internal controls. Preventive Controls Any business in operation will have a need for internal controls that are preventive in nature.

One of the basic principles of preventive controls is separation of functions, also known as segregation of duties. As an example, persons who receive payments should not prepare deposits or post them to accounts receivable.

Employees who handle purchasing should not handle accounts payable and timekeepers who prepare payroll should not also approve payment and write payroll checks. Most preventive controls follow this common sense principle based on segregation to prevent obvious opportunities for fraud.

Additional controls can be added based on the complexities or policies of any particular organization.

Term papers of cardinal principle of internal control

Detective Controls Businesses require methods to monitor and detect problems that affect the accuracy of accounting data. Detective internal controls are designed to identify inconsistencies, inaccuracy or suspicious transactions that need to be reviewed.

Some methods of detection include unannounced inspection of accounting records, conducting physical inventory, review of computer access and log ins and intrusion detection systems.

Reconciliation of cash and payroll accounts are also a means to detect mistakes or suspicious circumstances. An important detective control all businesses should adopt is a policy of conducting pre-employment background checks. Accounting errors detected by internal controls sometimes result in preventive controls -- new controls designed to prevent the same mistake.

Compliance Issues The definition of internal controls has expanded beyond just oversight of financial accounting and basic security matters.

Nearly all businesses, regardless of size, are required to comply with a number of laws and regulations, some specific to the business conducted. This introduces another area for development of controls that assure compliance with any special regulations for particular industries.Prospects and Challenges of Corporate Governance in Ghana Otuo Serebour Agyemang*, Emmanuel Aboagye**, Abstract- The relevance of corporate governance principles in the management of corporate organisations cannot be underestimated.

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Term papers of cardinal principle of internal control

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of the internal control evaluations that take place to ensure the accuracy of the information being audited and the reports that are drafted to summarize the.

Term Paper: Marketing What Is the Relevance … | 8 Pages