The idea behind frank furstenbergs unplanned parenthood

She supports the American Health Care Act, which would rip health care away from 14 million people within a year and block patients from accessing essential care at Planned Parenthood.

The idea behind frank furstenbergs unplanned parenthood

Please leave comments there; our side needs affirmation, not only from adoptees and first mothers but adoptive parents who understand the rights of the adopted to know the truth of their origins.

A recent publication, The Adoption Option: Jane We vehemently disagree. Yes, some will find their lives easier without the hassles of child care, but that does not take into account the fallout for both the mothers and the children so adopted.

Adoptee and birth mother organizations, poignant memoirs from both first mothers [1] and adoptees, [2] as well as numerous psychological studies [3] attest to the enormous pitfalls and life-long consequences for the two individuals at the heart of any adoption: That a liberal policy institute, the Washington D.

Women should not be encouraged to part with their children, and certainly the government should not be involved in furthering such a policy. Instead, the government, or private institutions, should find ways to help those who need assistance to raise their children.

Yet the tacit implication of the report is that mothers-to-be are less aware of adoption as an option. Everyone of even modest intelligence is aware that adoption is an option—there are ads for babies in weekly newspapers and penny savers, on restaurant place mats, on numerous websites; television and movies further glamorize adoption.

The only long term benefit we can see is that adoption agencies, always short of healthy infants available for adoption, will have their orders more readily filled, that middle class women and men will find it easier to get a baby.

This means that a full third of the women were not at peace with their decision to relinquish their children. The report also fails to note that a third of the original participants could not be located to complete the survey four years later, ten percent of the women who surrendered their babies reported a great deal of regret while ninety percent of the women who kept their babies reported no regret.

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Furthermore, the mothers in this study were surveyed four years after relinquishment, and for many the full extent of their grief is not realized until years later. Through various social networks, we hear from these women many years later and they write and talk of the emotional devastation that the surrender of their children has wrought throughout their lives.

However, the anecdotal but overwhelming evidence that has come to our attention is that the vast majority of these adoptions close soon after the adoptions are finalized. Adoptive parents deny access to the child, stop sending information and photographs, or simply fade away without leaving a forwarding address or a listed phone number.

As for these women? State-funded mediation services to resolve open adoption conflicts. Researchers were able to document the overall devastating impact of relinquishing a child by finding first mothers decades later: What the report does not discuss is the most telling of all: It distressingly fails to include that adoption experts unanimously agree that keeping children within their natural families, except in extreme and exceptional cases, is unquestionably in the best interests of the children.

We offer a few sources here, expert opinion is emphatic on the point: Ethics in American Adoption. The United States has a significantly higher adoption rate than Western Europe and Australia primarily because it fails to support families and prevent shoddy, unethical practices of the adoption industry.

By way of example how skewed the adoption option is, in the U. The report stresses the importance of unbiased counseling but it fails to address who should pay for the counseling.

Adoption agencies, funded largely by prospective adoptive parents, typically do provide counseling, but as they are looking for "product" for their clients, such counseling obviously has a built-in conflict of interest. Adoption agencies often supply mothers with services such as housing and medical care, but then threaten nearly destitute mothers with having to repay these costs—thousands of dollars-- if they change their minds and keep their babies.

While recommending that expectant mothers have independent legal counsel, the report again ignores the funding question. True unbiased counseling and effective legal services can exist only when funded by an independent source, not connected with the adoption industry.

The Adoption Option recommends mothers have three days after birth before they sign consents to adoption and one week to revoke their consent. While an improvement over the laws of many states, this is still far too short for a mother to recover from hormonal changes after birth fully or reconsider what resources she might find to help her keep her baby.

The Donaldson Institute recommends a considerable longer period:Planned Parenthood Action Fund is an independent, nonpartisan, not-for-profit membership organization formed as the advocacy and political arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The Action Fund engages in educational and electoral activity, including voter education, grassroots organizing, and legislative advocacy.

7 Reasons Why Planned Parenthood Should Not Get Government Money by Abby Attia comments Even with the public outcry against Planned Parenthood, there is opposition in Congress to ending the organization’s federal funding.

Defunding Planned Parenthood is a bad — even a dangerous — idea. Let me explain. Recent data show that the number of abortions in the U.S.

has steadily declined and is at an all time low.


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Up until , I worked for the Canadian federal Commission promoting employment equity in the workplace for Canadians with disabilities.

One of the worst of offenders of disability employment discrimination was the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

The idea behind frank furstenbergs unplanned parenthood

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