Xenon essay

Xenon is element number 54 on the periodic table of the elements. It has a mass of roughly atomic mass units. There are 77 neutrons and 54 protons in the nucleus of the atom. The symbol for xenon is Xe and it belongs to the family of elements called the noble gases.

Xenon essay

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The opinions on the Primus are different and opposites: The detractors perceive the limits of a ship grown obsolescent in the last decades, with limits in the targeting systems, and, mostly, in the structural resistance and in the armour: In both of these views there is some bias and some truth, but, anyway, must be acknowledged the fact that the Primus was the reference ship in respect to which were designed and developed the "new generation" units of the Earth Alliance, Narn, LONAW and Dilgar navies in the Early 's.

Anyway, the Primus has not only defended or projected the power of the Centauri Republic for more than two centuries, Xenon essay in a certain measure shaped the design schools of many races in contact with the Centauri, both as potential opponents or simply as neighbors. The Origins of the Primus: The Centauri-Orieni war The origin of the Primus are in a period in which the Centauri faced another powerful civilsation, the Orieni Empire: If to live under the Centauri was a disquisible destiny, to fall under the Orieni domination was a nightmare: The Orieni culture was utterly different from the Centauri one, they had developed a class-based social structure in which the power, political and military, was the most prized goal, and, after centuries of warfare, they became unificated under a single, centralised government, a tyranny in fact, a police state drove by a ruthless and power thirsty ideology in respect to which many dictatorships seen on Earth were a model of tolerance.

The Orieni shared with the Centauri the starting event of their rush to the stars, a jump-capable warship crash-landed on their planet. In that era, the Orieni were a "steam-power" based civilization, about at the same level of the Earth in the late XIX-early XX century.

Their technical progress was historically slow: The Xenon essay powers were both large empires when they came in contact: Essentially, what happened after the contact was hate at a first glance: For the Centauri, the Orieni empire was a death menace, period.

After failed attempts of negotiation, the continuous "border incidents" degenerated in an all-out war: The two dominions, after seven years of conflict, reached a precarious state of "cold war", essentially due to exhaustion: Even this "cold war" was not something that was expected to endure: In the Aftermath of the war, the reaction of the Orieni was in accordance with their culture: The Republic reacted in a someway different way: In the last year of the "First Orieni War", too late to be employed, the Centauri scientists broke a scientific barrier, and became capable to generate artificial gravity fields.

Was needed a small time for them to understand clearly what were the three potential fields of application: The research and development activity brought rainfall benefits even for the weapon systems: The gravitic technology was revolutionary: This had an enormous strategical significance: The ship that in an enormous technical bet integrated and exploited all these new technologies was an elegant design, a cruiser that was called "Primus", the first of a new generation.

It was a success beyond every expectation: Twenty years after their first confrontation, the Orieni were confident of the superiority given by a terrific force of more than warships, and made their move, invading the Centauri Republic: The old generation, non-gravimetric ships, re-equipped with Ion Cannons and improved battle lasers were dedicated to the territorial defence, and their enhanced firepower dealed well with the Orieni numerical superiority, but thanks to an unprecedented effort were at stake not only the freedom, but the survival of the Centauri people the Republic's shipyards had yet rushed in service about one thousand Primus cruisers, that, organised in fleets of dozens and dozens of ships, stroke quickly indeep the Orieni rear lines, and begun to hit well inside their territory.

The Orieni invasion fleets were fought and their advance was stalled by the improved Centauri defensive units, and found themselves in troubles when the Primuses task forces tore in pieces their logistic structure and raided the supply lines: The new Centauri cruisers seemed capable to jump in the less defended areas, whip away the local defences, strike hardly, and disappear in the hyperspace only to come out at light years of distance in a time incredibly low, exactly in the areas left ill defended.

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A few months of counterattacks and deep strikes stitched the Orieni forces in a defensive position: Too many subjugated peoples saw the Centauri as potential liberators from the iron grip of the hated Orieni: What was left of the Orieni empire was not more a threath: This was possibly the finest moment of the Centauri Republic: Again at the zenith of their power and wealth, they controlled a vast territory of more than 50 systems between colonies, outposts and associated civilizations, their dominance was temperated by a high level of tolerance and respect and low impositions, in terms of taxes and, mostly, in terms of limitation of Freedom: The governments that came out later were not as wise as the one that defeated the Orieni and build the marvelous architecture of the Centauri "Second empire": The Noble Houses, that were crucibles of leaders, soldiers, enterpreneurs, lawmakers and philosophers became clans of political climbers.

A certain political stagnation, lazyness, bribery, egocentrism, a poor management of the finance and of the wealth of a so large dominion, the will to renew with new conquests the glory of the past decades and centuries, the high fiscal pressure, the reappearance of slavery, planted the seeds of the troubles that would have shacked the Centauri civilisation and its neighbours until our era, but the Great Republic that flourished for decades on the wave of the victory against the Orieni was really one of the greatest and most splendid civilties ever seen in this side of the galaxy, and the Primus cruiser was the instrument that build it.

The ship The Primus, still elegant and deadly, is a design more rational than what it could seem at a first glance. Its architecture is built around the gravimetric drive and the reactors and plasma engines that feed and flank it, and are the characteristics of the gravitic system that dictate the "stingray" shape of this ship, whose driving design concept was the maximisation of the power to mass rate.

The hull is a catamaran design, each of the semihulls holds its own engineering section with two fusion reactors, each one coupled to a plasma engine, a gravimetric field generation system, and, in each bow, the large and confortable "non-combat time" crew compartments With the luxury of a fully operational artificial gravity ; in combat, the crew stays in a better protected and armoured section of the central hull, that holds command decks, elaboration and control systems, sensors and communication equipment and the combat operation center.

To each hull, rearward, on the engines section, is attached the double fin of the main gravimetric projector, while at the tip of the "wings" is attached a smaller gravitic projector that is used to shape the field in order to allow a superior maneuverability and better acceleration.band 6 essay pride and prejudice and zombies.

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Xenon essay

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Xenon CT Scans This test reveals blood flow to regions of the brain to determine if enough blood is reaching all areas.

Xenon essay

Patients breathe xenon (an odorless, colorless gas), which acts as a contrast agent to show regions of low and high blood flow.

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